Shahjee Collegiate

Purpose of opening Shahjee Collegiate
Established in 1992

Education had slipped away from the approach of common people. The desire and ambitions of the common people had sunk down. Students were deprived of proper guidance. They were running on the educational desert without any destination. Education had become monopoly of the big guns of the society. Tauseef Shah took up the uphill task to solve the burning problems of the common people.

The cost of education had risen very high beyond the approach of common people. Tauseef Shah was very much worried about it. He had no alterative but to open Shahjee Collegiate which covers all the faculties up to the graduation level B.A., B.Com, B.Sc. By the grace of Allah, we have achieved the maximum goal and struggling hard to put them on. Modern footing, still the task is far ahead but he is continuing his efforts.

He believes in as said by Ulysses in the poem composed by Alfred Lord Tenyson, "Although we have made a lot of adventures but nothing is remarkable. Let us do more and more for the coming generation before the sun sets down".